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Ah yes, the people of Europe are angry again…surprise, surprise. Many of the EU’s citizens feel that their respective governments are elitist. A government, elitist? Never.

But enough with the jests, there are very real problems with the financial systems in Europe’s various governments, and the people are unhappy that they are being forced to pay more taxes and take cuts in their pay, as I would be, but the masses fail to see that they did this to themselves. They are the ones that caused this financial crisis; indirectly yes, but without their involvement it never would have happened. They are the ones who gave their respective governments the power to make the mess they are in. They allowed the honey-dipped lies of the politicians to please their ears with the phrase of “more for less”. Government would take care of more and more things, what we now call the “nanny state”, and less would be required of the populace. Or so they thought. The fact is the people wanted a welfare state, a government that would take care of all their vital needs (like medical care and schooling), but still give them the freedom (or better put: enough cash) to do what they want to do. But now that personal cash pool is drying up, all because of austerity measures; Measures that are a last ditch effort to save the economies of countries who didn’t possess the word “thrift” or “saving” in their vocabularies.

So far the austerity measures have worked, the governments and economies still stand (however teetering), as world confidence is regained in their fiscal responsibility. But at home it usually is not the same. The backlash to these austerity measures can be as mild as mere grumbling or as severe (and totally idiotic and unnecessary in my opinion) as full out riots, which includes the usual gamut of illegal activities of widespread vandalism, stealing, assault, and an occasional murder (or killing, whatever term you prefer). While such anger over broken promises is understandable, the severity of such outrage is uncalled for, and I believe does more to hurt their cause then to promote it. Basically what I see when these people take to the streets with violence is physically grown-up (not mentally mind you) toddlers throwing a temper tantrum. They reveal by their actions the same selfish cycle that social institutions breed. The governments are selfish because they thought they knew how to handle a person’s money better than that person does (collectively known as the public). Only They knew how to make sure a person could get everything they need, they could take away all their worries, if only the public asked. But who could blame the public? I mean honestly, the vast majority of modern-day European nations were created (or recreated) by either WWII or the fall of the Soviet Union, not exactly easy situations to get a government started, and it was probably kind of a hard a frightening time for those living in those countries. So the vast majority turned to the only source of stability they knew: the government. I am also sure that in the beginning the government as well wanted to help the public, to reassure them that everything was alright; not condescending like elitist, but genuine like a parent. But even with the best of intentions, there are those who are not so idealistic or moral and desire only power. As the old adage goes: “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And what does this situation brings us? Nothing good. As time goes on, the public, once fearful and vigilant has become content and fat upon the government handouts, now that it is taken away, the public does not know how to exist without it: they have become dependent upon it. The governments of Europe were the ones originally at fault, and they still are, for getting their countries into fiscal disaster because of delusional promises. But now the cold hard drenching of reality has hit those politicians, and the delusion is fading away. The politicians are having to do what needs to be done to make sure that their countries do not go under, for they realize that to go bankrupt would be far worse for the future of the country than to go through with austerity measures now and salvage the sinking economy.

But now the people have become the greedy ones, they want what they have been promised, what they believe they deserve. They are willing to go through bankruptcy and impact the rest of the world economies negatively than to lose their privileges (even though it is from a state that cannot pay them). The situation in Europe has proven the old proverb true: “The leech has two daughters, crying give, give.” (Proverbs 30:15a) The daughters in this case being the greed of the government and the people. We must learn from Europe’s mistakes, before we dig ourselves into a hole so deep that we too are ordered around by a trans-national government (like the EU is doing to its member nations to make sure that they pursue austerity measures) to do what they want us to do, because we were too greedy, grandiose, and selfish to keep our impulses under control; our impulse to have what we want when we want it.