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I wrote this poem while I was on vacation, going back to California for the first time in seven years. It was good, but It was a little weird being back in the place I used to call home.


The Home of Alone


I travel familiar yet foreign roads

Looking at the places I used to roam

So many memories scattered in every place

But the area has lost its well-known touch

A shell of what it once was, but no longer home

Why for some strange reason do I feel so alone?

The common laughter and joy seems to be hushed

The memories of what should be, time just won’t erase

Staring at the place where I started the road of life

Also at a field where I once flew a kite

But these places no longer feel like the way a home should

It almost seems as if the things here are no longer good


A goofy supposition but the feeling remains the same

Perhaps it is because my friends I once knew are now gone

The familiar paint I once felt with my hands now vanished

The commonplace monuments now erased with progress’ hand

The feeling is alien, for I do not visit an unknown land

These were my haunts once, but another place I’m now established

Tis’ the same sun that rises but home is not felt in the gloomy dawn

Places I once felt but now only say the name

The words conjure memories, but the memories are not home

Are these the reasons why I feel so alone?


My family laughs and for once does everything feel alright

As day turns into dusk and dusk into night

Everything is quieter now except for my music, now playing

Feeling centered, feeling right, now home feels like it used to.

But it’s not my home, I’m just living in a different house

The everyday existence of a wanderer starts to get grating

But not with the familiar, the faces ever true

With joy do they ever come, coming to souse

Me in love and to make my day complete

It’s only in their company does this journey feel like a treat

But when I lift my foot and step out the door

Everything around me tells me that there has to be more

Revealing that home is not simply just a place

But the people that we build our life around in this space


People are the heartbeat that gives a town life

It’s not the unmoving soundwalls and hedges that surround us

It’s the hustle and bustle and the love oh so rife

But sometimes the heartbeat misses and turns to disgust

Towards those members that allow it to move

Putting up walls and roadblocks as if we had prove

That to live we must think as exactly as a few do

That to show mercy and grace is untrue

Because if that goodness is wrapped up with an absolute tie

Then the spin doctors with their worried words only will lie


Maybe this is why when I walk down the pavement

I feel homeless because people here have been reduced to molecules

But home is where the heart is, and the heart is meant to be alive

No longer DOA to each other but to spiritually arrive

In each other’s life and not just acting, trying to be cool

I don’t want in mine, or any others, for goodness to be latent


The fogginess of this past has put the present into focus

Seeing the shadow of the Holy One going out before us

He did not make me so that I would think this place my home

I think I understand this feeling of alone


The home of alone is this place we have been sown

But as we stay here ever temporary, He wants us to grow

Stronger in him and with His mercy and grace show

That there is a place we can call home, a place we have already known

It is our true home the place we were meant to be

It is where darkness is gone and we are forever free

No longer depressed should we be about our home of alone

For a brighter hope and future we have already been shown

So with each heavy laden breath we take

Let us preach this Gospel of hope before it is too late

I wrote this musing for some dear friends who were graduating high school. I wrote this to congratulate them and to encourage them on the new phase of their lives. I hope it encourages you as well.


Men of Valor

Today we stand, saluting you in your accomplishment, for what you have achieved deserves congratulations, the passing of a goal so long held in our minds to attain.

Much toil was invested into this simple sheet of paper presented to you today, in some ways it feels like a mere token for the vast amount of energy and work it took to get to this moment. But the prize you gained is not a sheet of paper that can vanish in a puff of flame, but the experiences and knowledge you have gained upon the way.

This is not to demean the monument of your success, but for you to regard where your success comes from, from the Father above. For you to have reached this moment is not a testament to your strength, but to your faith; in the one who gave you the strength, will, and desire, to reach for that which is holy and higher. He gave you the things necessary for you to succeed, an inquisitive mind, eyes that study, and a heart that believes. He set around you a web of loving people pushing you towards your success; who invested their own time, sweat, and tears so that you may build a better life then they.

A life founded upon that eternal rock, the anchor the keeps your soul in place in the stormy seas of life. This life you live, live like you have for the glory of Him. Pursuing Christ in all things that are right, never a moment alone because He always has been by your side. And I am here as well my dear friend, if anything is in need, and not only me but there are many others, who will look out for the well-being of a fellow brother.

A brother I call you, not in jest but in truth, because I have watched you grow and have seen the proof; of boys who became men, and not just any men, but men of valor, ready to take on life for the glory of the King.

So as you go through life, be careful not to be worn down, always rely upon the ultimate Transformer, who told us not to conform to this world. He transformed our minds so that we may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. (Romans 12:2)

These words that are spoken are not new to you, nor have you by some failing not kept them, but they are meant to inspire you, so that when life and its trials assail you, your mission will not be forgotten.

And as you go through life, hopefully with many blessings such as a wife, family, and a place to call home, know that I will be here to rejoice when you rejoice, to cry when you cry, and live life alongside you like a brother should. For a new brotherhood we have been baptized into, the brotherhood of Christ, the one that transcends all the things that world uses to divide us, the one who can give us a new life.

So hold that paper proudly, for I am proud of you, for you are men that stand before us now, not because of a paper made by man’s hands, but by the God who holds our life’s plans. So stand up men of valor, and be courageous for the Lord! Though you may not storm the beaches of Normandy you storm fortresses of darkness that seek to keep back Christ’s healing light, and into the fire we plunge and fight. So stand men of valor, your task has only begun! The road will be hard but your reward will be in the arms of the Son. So stand, stand, men of valor, your light having shone for only a brief time, but when that time is spent and your light is gone, the world will see your sacrifices and your life and say “Truly these were followers of the almighty God.”