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Bear the Burden

We live in a culture of no responsibility, that the things we say and how we act don’t really matter. But is that really true? I think not, I think we are beginning to see a rebellion against these long held beliefs, people desiring for more than acting like an immature teenager in a grown up body.
I mean really, if Nike uses a slogan about making life count, and Hewlett-Packard runs an add about making what you do matter, we smile and nod our head? Of course they want you buy their products along the way, but if corporations can plug into the fact that people need a purpose, why do we still preach that a philosophy that believes that way is just a lie?
Like I’ve said before, people like morals, just don’t box them with an absolute tie. As long as absolutes are out the window, morals are perfectly fine. They are fine if don’t call anyone out of line, because people don’t want to acknowledge the line, because they don’t want to incur the fine. But we have incurred the fine because we have crossed the line, and we are anything but fine, but we don’t want to acknowledge the signs.
So we hear the self-proclaimed wisemen spout that there is no such thing as truth, but like Lecrae said, “why should I believe you?” If you think about those words straight, you realize that way of thinking will lead you to the wide gate; where the way is easy but the end has a bitter taste.
But those who want to believe the lie are the fools we find in those wise Proverbs, despising instruction, hating knowledge, lacking understanding, leading themselves to destruction. They scoff at these lines, thinking that I’m condemning them and just venting hate. But the truth is I speak these words because I want them to find life before it is too late.
It’s funny how people only talk about the dark when they see the light. But this is no laughing matter, for real lives are at stake; and if I am anything but great, people will look at me like I am a fake.
I don’t use the word as if I am great, because I’m not, nor can I ever be. But I strive to be like Christ, and Christ is great, and if I am able to stand it’s because Christ is the one who puts the strength in my legs. He is the one who gives me the power to keep moving forward, and the One who allows me to bear my burden.
Ah yes, this burden, my burden. Once upon a time I didn’t feel anything, due to my ignorance not because it did not exist. But now I feel it every time I take a step, every thought feels weighted, and every action takes on more significance.
Burden, this word has echoed in my mind. Burden, I remember it every time temptation comes knocking. Burden, it gives my life added purpose. Burden, I will crumble under the weight if I rely upon my own strength. Burden, no matter how many laugh and mock this is my calling, and by the Lord’s guidance I will carry it.
Because I will not accept the lie that no matter how far we rise our actions do not matter. They matter, no matter how big our small, we only use that excuse to make us feel better.
But I’m not looking to feel better, I want to be better. I don’t won’t to be like the Pharisee in Luke 18:11, but the tax collector in verse thirteen; God be merciful to me a sinner.