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We’ve come to the end at last

Hold still before you crash

We both know how this road ends

I tried my hardest to make amends

But in the end it wasn’t enough

Because the journey has grown tough

I didn’t give up, but we were on a speeding bullet

I say I love you, now is my time to prove it

You look at me with glowing eyes, I’ve become your hope

I am only human, only flesh and blood

For you I would do anything, crawl through the mud

Through thorns, fire, raindrops of acid, all to help you cope

But you’ve turned me into something I’m not

My love is to build you up, not to be your salvation

You’ve been looking so hard, you so eagerly sought

To find that spark, to find a defining inspiration

Is that why you were drawn? ‘He’ll be good for me.’

I can make the hurt feel better, but there is no one I can free

My love for you will only be a tragedy

If I allow you to think I am your remedy

When a ‘nice guy’ is needed that’s when the heads turn

But nothing I can do will ever end the yearn

My love for you will only be insanity

If I let you believe I’ve become your clarity

That hurt you felt before, when I brushed the dirt off

Will return when the darkness closes in

When I try to explain but you tell me to stop

When I try to be good, but can only sin

You thought me above, carried me aloft

But nothing I give can fill the hole within

I pointed you in the wrong way, I was thinking only of myself

It’s time for me to step aside and illustrate the help

Love is not about receiving, it’s about what’s inside

So it’s time for me to show you in whom I abide

My clarity, my remedy, He drives away the insanity

He helps me bear every personal tragedy

He’s the hope you need, the hope you see in me

He is the hope, the flame of belief

Love is His name, the reason I must step aside

Because you must find Him, I cannot bring peace

He is the only way to experience life

The dark and sorrow of the past will fade in His release

I’m sorry for the walls, if indeed I put them up

But if you hate me for breaking them down, I’ll say it’s worth it

To see you live, to be happy and free

Is all I will ever need to see

I will be the tragedy, the insanity, my love I’ll admit

Because to love is to live for others even when stuck

Just see Him, just gaze upon his loving face

Should you forgive me, I’ll find you in that precious place

Where we’ll shed the lies and forever be honest

Where I’ll see you happy, though there is nothing more between us

Is there any future, only the present and past do I know

But if you are willing, I ask you to come down this road

Clarity from our tragedy, a remedy for our insanity

Enjoy the view, enjoy the new, close your eyes and breathe