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After attending the world’s best Christian speculative fiction conference (no, that is not an exaggeration) and reading the wonderful experiences my Realm Makers family had, I was left with an interesting dilemma: I had no idea what to write. Everything had been so perfectly touched upon by so many talented writers, I didn’t know what I could possibly add.

Except for one thing…

Hence the title name.

The “real life” as us spec fic writers call it, is a constant source of deterrence, a wall that always throws itself up to block us from goals. With me working a job that demands fifty to sixty hours of my time per week, “real life” makes it difficult to do anything other than catch up on housework or sleep (lots and lots of sleep).

As many of my RM family found out this past week, my job has been the primary reason I’ve written scarce more than ten pages over the past six months.

But that is not the entire problem…or perhaps I should say “STOP”.

Robert Liparulo’s bookending (no that was not an intentional pun, I promise) presentations of RM were exactly what I and, judging from all the online activity, others needed. Our needs were different, but through two simple words, we were all touched and inspired.

Robert Liparulo pointed out that every writer struggles with crippling bouts of self-doubt, even the best of the best go through it. The real question is, are you going to let that doubt crush you, or will you “GO” to accomplish the things God has set upon your heart to do?

I’ll admit, as opposed to the last two Realm Makers conferences, I wasn’t going with starry-eyed dreams of delivering the perfect pitch and landing the book contract I so greatly desire. Ever since partnering with Ben Wolf as my official editor (not that I have an unofficial one) over a year ago, I have realized how far I still have to go as a writer.

With my new job consuming vast globs of my time and energy, it has been extremely hard to keep pushing myself as a writer; and so I went to this year’s RM to reconnect, make new friends, and get inspired.

Boy, did God ever pave the way.

Over the course of four very brief days, I felt a strong urge propelling itself out into the forefront of my mind, an urge that didn’t involve me publishing a book anytime soon. It was an urge that finally saw fruition very late (or should I say very early) Saturday night.

Most of the attendees had already gone to bed when I had a fateful conversation with Suzanne Quhn at 3am in the morning (at least I think it was 3am). Some may have noticed I was tweeting rather regularly at the conference, trying to help out anyone who was unable to attend any of the classes I was in. Apparently my tweets had also caught the attention of SuzyQ, who was so mad at the prospect of not meeting me.

God had other plans, and we met and talked, where SuzyQ told me I had a real talent for social networking. I had no idea, I just liked getting back into the swing of having internet all the time. Our brief conversation had a huge impact upon me, as this monstrosity of a build-up is getting to (I guess all those theology papers I wrote still have an impact on me).

While I will be consistently working on my WIP, God has set a bigger goal upon my heart. God has always given me the desire to help others, and while “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus,” (Phil 3:14) I have to bring the rest of you with me.

I am currently in the process of purchasing materials and trademarks to launch an all-aspects review site/video channel. I’ve always liked talking about media and I want to take it seriously. I want to connect and branch out to reach people who have never heard of what we are doing. I want this project to be a tool to help promote all the wonderful people I have met over the past three Realm Makers.

It is a way of thanks to all of you, every single person I have met has enriched my life immensely, and I want to be that same blessing to you.

There will be trials on the road ahead, but I will not grow discouraged, for I have good reasons not give up. As I told Becky Minor and Ben Wolf, I have to do this, I need this pressure, I want to do something that helps my fellow writers and brings glory to God.

While you may not see a book with my name on it at next year’s conference, it doesn’t mean that I will forever be an unpublished author…God has given me that dream as well; I just have something heavier laid upon my heart. I want to encourage you all to keep pursuing your dreams of being a professional author; don’t give up, sleep when you are dead, and keep that fire burning brightly.

But most importantly, fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith. (2 Tim 4:7)

See you at Realm Makers 2016