Review of Star Wars: Aftermath

Posted: November 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Aftermath is Disney’s attempt to bridge the gap between Episode 6 and 7, it even has the annoying “Journey to The Force Awakens” banner on it. Fortunately, this is about is bad at it gets, and we are given a fairly interesting story with decent enough tension.

Fan favorite Wedge Antilles gets the ball rolling, and we even see Rae Sloan, but the book is about the new characters. The new characters are pretty well developed and I was emotionally invested in them, and the premise is interesting enough: save Wedge, reconcile mother and son, and capture high level Imperials having a secret meeting.

Aftermath follows this simple formula and does it without any of the typical corniness of Star Wars books, which is something I had not experienced in a Star Wars novel before, so I tip my hat to you, Chuck Wendig. Where I do not tip my hat, is some of the ham-handed insertion of a sensitive subject that felt that Wendig was forcing it into the story. And while the author succeeded once with its implementaiton, the other two times fell absolutely flat.

Aftermath is a fairly solid book that has enough pitfalls to prevent it from being a really good book.
If you want my full thoughts on the book, check out my reveiw at…

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