Review of Raving Fans

Posted: November 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

Raving fans is a customer service book quite unlike any other. It’s fantastical take and humor on a usually boring subject makes the book an interesting read. We follow around a newly hired Area Manager as he learns the three secrets of customer service from friends of his Fairy Godmother, Charlie. I told you it was a fantastical take on customer service.

The book is written in a very easy to read and understand style. I would say, depending on how fast you read, you will finish this book in about 2-3 hours and you will be entertained all the way. I can honestly say that this is the only customer service book I have read that has made me laugh out loud.

The only thing keeping this book from getting five stars is that it is extremely overpriced at retail price, but the more important thing is that this book does show it’s age in a spot or two. The book is 25 years old, and despite it being continually in print during that time, the authors have not addressed the major changes in purchasing practices of the public in the present. I’ll agree, most of the things concerning customer service have stayed the same but this book could do with a fresh coat of paint to address new purchasing patterns…otherwise Raving Fans will truly cease to be revolutionary.

If you want my more in-depth thoughts on the book, please check out my video review at:…

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