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A very nice return to form by Robert Treskillard in the last book of the Merlin Spiral. Gone are the frequent, confusing visions and dreams, and while dreams and visions are still found they are well-placed, make absolute sense, and progress the plot.

Which is good, because extremely dire times are upon Britain: a withering drought has stricken the land. The Picti are raiding to the north, the Saxons are gobbling up chunks of Britain, and what little of the country that is still in British lands are held by the man who murdered the rightful king, Uther.

Of course Arthur has no idea of his royal legacy, and in fact believes that Merlin is his father. Oh how things are going to change, especially since Morgana’s plan is finally coming into effect.

Merlin’s Nightmare is a tense journey from beginning to end, and Merlin is constantly dealing with fear and the many forms it takes to attack him.

I loved the use of characters from old to new (especially one raven-feather wearing prophetess that I hope to see more of) and the use of the landscape.

If I had any critiques, the ending felt a little out of place with the rest of the book and I didn’t get a definitive ending, the ending just felt like set up for the next book. All in all however, a very fine book that I am glad I read and I can’t wait to read the first book in the Pendragon Spiral!